My first VR demo of the day and, I don't know, fifth or sixth of the of the week, thus far. And plenty more to come, no doubt. Virtual reality is clearly the big new thing at this year's CES, and quite frankly, it's really messing with my hair.

GoPro got in on the action last year with the Spherical, a rig that makes it possible to capture 360-degree video using an array of standard Hero cameras. The company was showcasing the technology on the CES showfloor today, utilizing Samsung's Gear VR headset.

Naturally, the videos involved a lot of action sports people doing a lot of action sports thing. There was a skydiver and a group of guys chasing a pod of dolphins in a small boat. Immersive isn't quite the right word for it. I've certainly experienced VR demos that better qualified - like the one with HTC's Vive last night.

It's compelling nonetheless - and it's pretty easy to see why the action cam company is embracing the technology, along with its newly announced drone, as a potential future for the company. It's still pretty incredible, to watch video of a group of guys in a boat, spin around, and see a group of dolphins frolicking on the other side of you. 

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