Cars have all the fun when it comes to advancements in connectivity ... but what about motorcycle riders?

Sensing the need to fill that gap, Skully is introducing its AR-1 augmented reality motorcycle helmet, which touts Bluetooth capability, allowing riders to get navigational directions on a heads-up display within the helmet in addition to playing music as well.

Tech Times got a hands-on demonstration of the smart helmet during the ShowStoppers event, as part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016, on Wednesday night at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Although I'm not a bike rider, I immediately realized the benefits of having a connected helmet, as soon as I put it on.

Perhaps most importantly, though, the helmet touts a rear-facing 180-degree camera, bringing everything happening behind riders to the forefront on the helmet's heads-up display in front of them. So, if cars dangerously tailgate motorcycle riders, they'll be able to create sufficient distance with this safety feature.

Skully told Tech Times that it's still filling pre-orders from its crowdfunding campaign. The AR-1 augmented reality motorcycle helmet can be purchased on the company's website for $1,499.

Pricey, but the benefits and perks are clear.

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