Bruce Wayne Will Discover Who Killed His Parents On 'Gotham'


Here is a major announcement for fans of Fox's Gotham: it looks like young Bruce Wayne will find out who killed his parents this season.

This news comes courtesy of TV Guide, which spoke with the show's executive producer, Bruno Heller, and revealed that Bruce will finally uncover the identity of his parents' murderer.

Earlier this season, Bruce nearly got an answer from Theo Galavan, but with Theo now dead (at the hands of Jim Gordon), the question remains unanswered, although the series recently cast an actor for Matches Malone, a name that recently got dropped as the possible murderer.

The death of Galavan will also create problems for Jim, not just with the Chief of Police, but also with his girlfriend, Lee Tompkins.

"He's certainly compromised," said Heller. "He's stepped over that moral line. Jim Gordon has made a terrible mistake, which he's going to pay for. The biggest price he will pay is in his relationship with Lee Tompkins. Jim's essentially an honest man, so the need to have honest relationships does betray him in the end."

Although the return of Gotham for its midseason premiere is still a month away, details are pouring in on what fans can expect for the rest of the series' second season. For example, not only will young Bruce finally learn the answer to his most burning question, but Penguin will also reunite with his father, as portrayed by Paul Reubens.

Penguin will also find himself once more rising up as Gotham's head criminal, but he'll find that there are others in the city who will challenge him. However, will Penguin find a new ally in the newly-arrived Dr. Strange?

"Dr. Hugo Strange [guest star B.D. Wong] has a profound effect on Penguin," said Heller. "He makes a new man of him in many ways."

Gotham will also see the rise of classic Batman villain Dr. Freeze, as portrayed by actor Nathan Darrow. Victor Fries is on a mission to save the life of his wife, Nora, but that noble mission eventually plays a part in him becoming a villain.

"When somebody has a great need, or let's say they have all of their investment in one thing and that thing is threatened or even destroyed, how does one go on?" asked Darrow in an interview with USA Today. "Maybe somebody pulls back or finds something else to care about. Or maybe that person gives in to a chaotic response that then really widens the rules of their life. I would maybe propose that villainy, as we're talking about it, is a way through extreme difficulty or is oddly a way to have things matter."

Gotham returns to Fox on Feb. 29.

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