Yeah, I realized how weird that headline was as I typed it — but these are really weird things, little earbud-shaped flashlights you pop into your ears to battle jet lag.

The pitch is basically this: daylight is what help your body's clock readjust after flying across a time zone. There are a number of desktop lamps designed to counteract the phenomenon of jet lag, but the Human Charger offers a little hack, claiming that through the ear is as effective a direct route to the light-sensitive regions of the brain as the eye.

A click of the device's single button fires up the two powerful white lights. Utilizing the gadget in the correct intervals is supposed to significantly impact the jet lag one experiences after a long trip. The company has developed an app that calculates the proper amount of exposure, based on the time zones traveled through.

Interestingly, the rep I spoke with told me that the device was first introduced to counteract the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, but the company saw the jet lag issue as a way to help sell the product during nonwinter months.

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