It comes as little surprise that there were so many VR cameras on the CES floor this year, as companies attempt to ride the recent boom in interest around virtual reality technology. After all, a headset is only as good as the content that's available for it.

The Sands Convention Center housed a number of companies offering a spin on the space that has primarily been monopolized by prohibitively expensive offerings like the $15K Google Jump and the even more outlandish $60K Nokia Ozo. Heck, even the compelling Vuze camera will likely prove out of reach for many consumers with its $999 price tag.

Funded by a successful (and still on-going) Indiegogo campaign, Luna will be hitting retail for a fraction of that cost. Users can preorder the sphere now for $299 (25 percent off the price of its still relatively cheap final retail pricing). It's a pretty tempting offer for what's looking to be a pretty terrific and extremely promising little camera.

The Luna features a pair of 190-degree fisheye lenses on opposing sides, which overlap slightly to shoot seamless, stitched-together video. The company was showing off demos of the 2K video shot on the product, and it looks really great.

The device has a lot of other nice touches, including waterproofing, gyroscopic image stabilization, a live preview via a connected device, and a magnetic adapter for attaching it to a monopod, docking station, and even a keychain for easy transport. The company expects to start shipping the first units in October.

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