Intel said that customers can now preorder its latest RealSense R200 3D camera for $99 on its official site.

The company touts its RealSense R200 3D camera as being designed with longer range peripheral sensing technology that is perfect for physical environment sensing. The latest model comes after the first RealSense F200 version and is already incorporated in some upcoming devices. Currently, Intel is making the camera available as an external webcam.

"This camera is a world facing system that mounts on a tripod or attaches to the back of an Ultrabook, 2-in-1, All-in-One, or tablet," said Intel. "These configuration options allow you to more easily interact with the outside world, from inside your computer. With Full HD color and IR depth sensing features, the camera supports a wide variety of exciting new usage applications."

Notable highlights of the camera include a full VGA depth resolution, 1080p RGB camera, range of up to 9.8 to 13.1 feet or 3-4 meters (outdoor usage is also possible with the camera's longer range capability) and a USB 3.0 interface.

The dimensions are measured at 0.37 inch in thickness and 4.02 inches in length, which make the latest model relatively smaller than its older sibling.

The new Intel RealSense Camera R200 will work well with certain Intel-based CPUs that include the 4th generation Intel core processor or newer, Intel Core M processor and the upcoming Intel Atom code named "Cherry Trail" processor.

According to Intel's official site, the RealSense Camera R200 boasts a trio of advanced features such as augmented reality, enhanced photography and 3D Scanning.

The camera's augmented reality feature is part of the company's grand plan to bring the technology to tablets and PCs, similar to Project Tango of Google. Intel said that the camera was designed to work with sensors in order for device screens to deliver certain information such as the location of the user and viewed objects. Additionally, the camera will also be able to recognize the user's moods based on his facial expressions while it also maps out the surrounding area which can be useful in playing games and experiencing virtual worlds.

Other possibilities the camera opens up include the manipulation of a subject's depth and color based on several angles and perspectives; creating depth-based filters that are artistic and creative; building a 3D printable bust through body scans; and measuring an object and easily incorporate the result into a real physical space in order to develop a solid and visual perception of a desired outcome.

Head over to Intel's RealSense Camera R200 product page to learn more or to preorder the gadget.

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