Wineries In Napa Are Using Submarine Tech For Wine Fermentation


Traditionally, when wine is being fermented, if the yeast in the fermentation process ends up doing something it shouldn't, it could take a few days before anyone is able to notice what has happened.

A new fermentation system being implemented at the Palmaz Vineyards in Napa, Calif., however, will alert staff of yeast-related risk factors before they can have an impact on the wine and ruin the process.

The new system is called the Fermentation Intelligence Logic Control System, and it basically is able to track the wine at a molecular level, offering the staff at the winery valuable information about temperature adjustments that they should make, which they are then able to very precisely do.

The system is built using a technology called sono-densitometry, which is basically a probe that is inside each tank and is able to measure vibrations as many as 10 times per second. This kind of technology was developed for use on a submarine, however, it has now made its way into other areas. Through measuring the vibrations, the technology is able to offer millions of data points related to the liquid's density, which can tell the staff things like the sugar and alcohol levels, which, in turn, tells the staff information on the rate of fermentation. The software is then able to take things to the next level and present the data in terms of things like temperature variation.

Apart from that, a geotagging process has also been implemented, meaning that the system is able to determine who is making the changes to things like temperature.

Basically, look out for wine from Napa. In the near future, it could get a lot better than it is now.

Via: Wired

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