The Samsung Gear S2 Classic New Edition just made its global debut, but it's not really such a new edition per se.

Although the name could be misleading, the Gear S2 Classic New Edition is the same smartwatch the company already unveiled at CES 2016, in two new color options: Rose Gold and Platinum.

Following the CES introduction, the Rose Gold and Platinum models of the Samsung Gear S2 Classic New Edition are now ready to launch, starting their global journey in China.

More countries worldwide will get the smartwatch soon, but more specific details are not available yet. Samsung only says that its new Gear S2 Classic will continue their rollout worldwide "early this year."

The company further highlights that it received high praise earlier this month at CES for its new Gear S2 Classic models, which combine technology with fashion for an extra kick.

"To reflect Samsung's commitment to bringing more choices to consumers, the reintroduction of the Gear S2 Classic takes the intuitive, award-winning design of the Gear S2 and incorporates high-end materials and two unique finishes: 18K Rose Gold and Platinum," Samsung said in a new press release.

It's worth pointing out, however, that these newly launched options do not involve new materials, just plating. More specifically, the 18K Platinum and Rose Gold Gear S2 have the same stainless steel construction, but with plated finishes on top. On the upside, this means that these models will not cost a fortune like Apple's Rose Gold smartwatch.

The Rose Gold Apple Watch retails for roughly $17,000, but it's made of solid gold, not just plated. Samsung aims to challenge Apple's Rose Gold smartwatch with its Gear S2 Classic New Edition, which mimics the luxurious design at a fraction of the cost. 

Some fancier watch faces are also in the mix, including artwork from the likes of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The company has yet to announce official pricing details for its new Gear S2 models, but they're expected to cost roughly $520 or so.

On the downside, Samsung Pay support is still not available for the Gear S2 despite previous promises. Samsung also promised iOS compatibility, but it has yet to materialize.

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