Welcome to the 21st century when, after a lot of breakthroughs in science and advancements in technology, a celebrity is arguing that we have all been fooled and the Earth is actually flat as a pancake, refusing to listen to facts and explanations and making people collectively groan in exasperation.

We're not kidding because, on Jan. 24, rapper B.o.B tweeted a challenge to explain why the cities behind him in a photo does not show a curve if the Earth is really spherical.

People have even answered B.o.B. with explanations as to why the Earth could not be flat but he dismissed them, saying those only come from science books.

It's still not over because B.o.B. kept tweeting photos of cities that show no indication of curving to prove his point that the Earth is flat. Of course, Neil deGrasse Tyson could not stand idly by while the rapper spreads misinformation to people who are more receptive to such ideas.

Then there's this person who seems to be enjoying the exchange between Tyson and B.o.B.

Let's all take a moment to think about this whole argument.

B.o.B. also tweeted a barrage of counter-arguments to "the Earth is not flat" proofs.

Apparently, gravity is not part of the equation here.

Then things escalated and went down the Illuminati road too. Everyone who contributed proof that the Earth is round is Illuminati and the compass in their portraits proves it.

Of course, Tyson still tried to answer B.o.B.'s questions and challenges with facts but the rapper just won't have it. He's made it clear he's not entertaining any answers for all the questions he raised.

Perhaps as his final move to diss everyone who were misled by science books and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), he uploaded a rap to make everyone realize just how blind we have all been.

Tyson seemed to be amused.

Mr. Spock was not.

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