Back in January 2011, SoundCloud launched a free desktop app.

Without much — if any — warning at all, the music-streaming platform terminated its desktop app, relegating users to its website alone.

Well, a free desktop app, essentially serving as a desktop version of SoundCloud has re-surfaced under the name Soundnode. is reporting that Soundnode is an open source project by Michael Lancaster and it's currently in early-stage versions for Mac, Windows and Linux. While that means that these early versions can be filled with bugs, it is free of charge — something in this day and age that makes up for a lot of weaknesses.

Soundnode essentially functions as a desktop version of SoundCloud, allowing users to stream songs, select songs via their playlists and share tracks with friends or family.

What users of Soundnode won't get to do, though, is upload new tracks nor comment — two functions that SoundCloud users enjoy as part of their overall experience on the website.

If you're one for simply listening and not uploading or commenting — whether good or bad — though, then Soundnode could be a nice desktop streaming option.

Soundnode is available for download on its website here.

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