Adele surpassed 1 billion views of her "Hello" video in record-breaking 87 days, and now, she has just broken another record. The viral video for her Carpool Karaoke clip with host James Corden has just achieved the most views ever for a clip in the popular series, besting Justin Bieber's previous record.

Corden's "Late Late Show" on CBS hasn't grown into a huge hit as of yet versus its late night competitors, but its Carpool Karaoke segment has been a breakout smash with viewers and on social media. The basic premise is that the host and some of today's biggest pop stars go on a drive, talk and sing various songs by the artist along with other favorite tunes. Stars like Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, and now Adele, have participated.

Bieber held the previous record for most views of a Carpool Karaoke segment. Now, Adele has broken his record, since its Jan. 13 release, her video clip has been viewed for 56 million times and still counting.

For her visit to Corden's show, she and the host tool somewhere in England singing her songs "Hello," "Someone Like You," "All I Ask" and "Rolling in the Deep." The singer also shows her fun side by whipping out a killer Nicki Minaj impression and engaging in an animated duet with Corden on the Spice Girls classic "Wannabe."

Corden has explained that he dreamed up the idea along with "Late Late Show" Executive Producer Ben Winston.

"Ben Winston and I always thought there was something very joyful about someone very, very famous singing their songs in an ordinary situation," said Corden. "We just had this idea: Los Angeles, traffic, the carpool lane – maybe this is something we could pull off."

Winston revealed that they shot a couple of hours of footage with the singer and Corden for the segment, but was whittled down to just over 14 minutes of highlights.

Corden's UK origins no doubt helped him book the star, and have also aided him in landing fellow Brit's One Direction and upcoming guest Elton John, who will appear on the show's post Super Bowl special airing in February.

Adele's clip has proven so popular that just the short promo clip of her appearance has beaten out the full Carpool Karaoke segments by pop stars like Carrie Underwood and Jason Derulo.

You can view the full video of Adele's Carpool Karaoke segment below.

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