With all the new characters to introduce and 30 years of backstory to compress, it's no wonder that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” felt like it was rushed for many fans, and others still can't help but point out some plot holes that they hope the new expanded universe or the upcoming films will address. Why was the former Princess, and now General Leia, for example, so wary of The New Republic? Wasn't it the very new power that she and the Rebel Alliance had fought hard to establish after taking down the Galatic Empire?

It turns out Leia had a very good reason to have a beef with the New Republic, as will be established further in the upcoming “Star Wars” book “Bloodline" - not to be confused with "Bloodlines" which deals with the now legend canon about the twins of Han and Leia.

In "Bloodline," Leia grows frustrated at the new politicians ignoring the leftovers of the old Empire and the assassination attempts on her life in the years leading up to the establishment of The First Order and The Resistance did not help.

According to Claudia Gray, author of “Bloodline,” Leia's role in the three-decade gap between “Return of The Jedi” and “The Force Awakens” has taken her on many ups and downs: family and motherhood not being the least of those changes. However, the new novel will focus on her relentless efforts as one of the most important women in the galaxy and how she continues to fight against oppressive forces until we meet her again in the seventh movie.

In an exclusive first look at some passages from the book revealed to USA Today, the attempt to kill Leia along with a few influential senators is detailed. Spoilers for “Star Wars: Bloodline” below.

In the novel, Leia attends a meeting with other senators on Hosnian Prime which she thinks will be just another day full of political drivel.

They entered the banquet hall together, the entire group walking two by two. Leia knew the seat at the far end of the table would be hers, guest of honor as counterpart to the host. So she walked the length of the room, attentive to the senator at her side, before glancing down at the arrangements - sumptuous even by Varish's standards, with a velvet runner stretching along the table and delicate paper streamers lying across the tables, beneath elaborately folded napkins. Leia had to laugh. "Honestly, Varish. For breakfast?" In other words, Leia thought as she listened to someone cheerfully talk about his grandchildren, this is going wonderfully for everyone but me.

However, the early morning meeting takes a drastic turn for the worst when the building is bombed. Leia barely escapes the assassination attempt due to an anonymous handwritten tip slipped to her telling nothing else but to "RUN!"

Leia didn't stop. She kept running as hard as she could, never looking back, until . . .
Brilliant light. A roar so loud it resonated in her skull. And hot air and debris slamming into her, knocking her down, rolling her over, erasing the world.

“Bloodline” will also detail Leia's rivalry with Ransolm Casterfo, an ambitious young Senator who among other things enjoys collecting pro-Palpatine artifacts. The novel is available for pre-order on Amazon and will hit shelves on May 6.

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