In yet another round of recalls, Ford is recalling 83,250 vehicles for defects in the halfshaft retention circlip due to improper installation.

Affected vehicles include the 2012-2014 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX models built between Sept. 2, 2010 and Nov. 30, 2013; 2013-2014 Ford Taurus and Lincoln MKS models manufactured between Aug. 25, 2011 and Nov. 30, 2013; and 2013-2014 Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT models made between Sept. 11, 2011 and Nov. 30, 2013.

A faulty halfshaft may move outward, disengaging from the linkshaft without warning and possibly while driving which could lead to accidents. This is because power is cut off when the halfshaft and linkshaft are not together so controlling the wheels while a vehicle is in motion will be impossible. Additionally, parking brake problems may also be present which puts a vehicle at risk of rolling away despite being placed in "Park" which could injure exiting passengers and bystanders as well as damage property.

The recall is expected to start on Aug. 29, with Ford notifying owners of the possibility that their vehicles have problems. All dealers will check affected vehicles brought in to determine the state of the halfshaft. If the halfshaft is not in good order, it will be replaced without charge. A halfshaft will also be replaced, also free of charge, if it exhibits signs of spline damage.

According to Ford, no injuries or fatalities have been reported related to the halfshaft defect in this recall. Owners may get in touch with Ford's customer service for any questions or concerns. This recall is assigned the number 14S10.

Ford is also responsible for one of the largest recalls in the automotive industry which affected more than 14 million units of its 1992-2003 models of the Explorer, Ranger, Excursion, Windstar, Mercury Mountaineer, E-150 to 450 and F-150 to 450. Started in October 2009, the recall was for cruise-control switch spontaneous combustion, a defect that was considered a possible fire hazard for the vehicles affected. Aside from overheating and smoking (sometimes even burning) usually hours after a vehicle is not in use, the faulty cruise-control switch also affected the vehicle's anti-lock braking system which could have led to other problems. The recall initially only included 4.5 million owners but in the end over 14 million vehicles were recalled.

Ford also had a recall in 1996 for faulty ignition switches affecting 7.9 million Aerostars, Broncos, Crown Victorias, Mustangs, Tempos, Escorts, Thunderbirds, and Mercury Cougars among others.

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