Turkish Airlines' Super Bowl Ad Promises To 'Fly' Customers To Metropolis And Gotham City


According to Turkish Airlines, the Istanbul-based carrier can fly you just about anywhere - even to Superman's Metropolis and Batman's Gotham City.

The company's pair of Super Bowl 2016 ads served as de facto trailers for Zack Snyder's upcoming action-packed (and rivalry-laden) movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, appearing alongside teasers for other genre flicks like 10 Cloverfield Lane and Captain America: Civil War.

The commercials, which debuted on Feb. 7 during the NFL's 50th annual league championship, depict one of the airline's jets flying toward a Manhattan-esque skyline, only to reveal the identity of its latest "destination" - none other than Gotham City (or, in the case of the Superman-themed spot, Metropolis).

Taking comic-centric meta to a whole new level, Ben Affleck (also known affectionately as "Baffleck") made a cameo as Batman in his Bruce Wayne drag, promising that Gotham, "a city that's risen above its past," promised potential visitors-to-be that "there has never been a better time" to visit the megalopolis (thanks to a "significant grant" gifted by Wayne Enterprises, of course). The commercial also hinted that lucky tourists could have the chance to catch a glimpse of a "local celebrity" - all against the backdrop of the indelible bat signal illuminating the sky.

But besides the superhero vigilante, the commercial also showcased some of the fictional city's sites, like the Gotham Opera House, which first appeared in a Robin #100 issue titled "The Price of Justice" in 1993, and "the new Bowery," a seemingly revamped nightlife destination in Snyder's movie traditionally portrayed as a seedy district in the Batman canon.


So what does Metropolis have to offer? While the commercial boasts that the home of The Daily Planet is "proud of its heritage and its heroes," there are hints that its shiny veneer might be thanks to some murkier dealings. According to a pre-bald Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg), the "city reborn, rebuilt, and stronger than ever" owes its renaissance to LexCorp, indicating that the City of Tomorrow might have some darker times ahead. 

Unfortunately, Henry Cavill's Superman was nowhere in sight, unless you count a few quick shots of him airborne above the city's streets, shooting through the urban, man-made canyons between Metropolis' skyscrapers.


Both commercials featured footage from Dawn of Justice, reminding millions of viewers who tuned in to watch the Broncos defeat the Panthers at Super Bowl 50 of the movie's March 25 release date.

Check out one of the trailers for Warner Bros.' Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the video clip below.


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