Samsung Galaxy S6 Price Cut Virtually Confirms Imminent Galaxy S7 Release


The Samsung Galaxy S6 saw important price cuts in the United States, signaling that vendors are in a rush to clear out their wares in anticipation of the Galaxy S7 flagship.

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S7 will roll out at the Mobile World Congress 2016 on Feb. 21. We expect that the Galaxy S7 and its bigger brother, the S7 edge, to start selling soon after the public unveiling at the end of the month.

For now, Amazon sells the Galaxy S6 32 GB variant at a killer price of $450, with the handset's cost going as high as $470 for posh colors. The Black Sapphire asks you to shell out $451 and plays well with both T-Mobile and AT&T carriers.

The White and Gold Galaxy S6s sell for $460 and $457. The priciest model is the Blue Topaz, with $470 on its price tag. The OEM offers an unlocked Galaxy S6 32 GB model for $600, while Best Buy asks a competitive $530 price point for the device.

With the Galaxy S6 being nearly a year old, the price reductions are predictable and welcome.

The myriad of leaks that surrounded the Galaxy S7 gave us quite a good grasp of the upcoming Samsung flagship.

Galaxy S7 looks quite similar to its previous variant, with an important difference: the rear camera protrusion has been discarded, marking a simplified and elegant design choice. When looking at the general build, the S7 promises to be sturdier than its predecessors. The Galaxy S7 will use magnesium alloy as its main material, leaving the aluminum casing behind.

Rumors surfaced that the said camera will be a novel 12-megapixel rear BRITECELL camera.

Samsung seems to pay attention to its fans, and the Galaxy S7 will purportedly bring back the microSD card, which could convince some customers to choose the S7 over rival handsets.

Galaxy S7 edge images leaked while the phone was running a test app. The smartphone seems to borrow more from the S6 edge+ than from its direct predecessor. This means that the Galaxy S7 will renounce the 5.1-inch display from last year's Galaxy S6 edge and replace it with a 5.5-inch dual curved edge display.

Insiders from the mobile industry speculate that the upgrade in screen size aims to match the Galaxy S7 edge with the iPhone 6s and upcoming iPhone 7 Plus, which should sport a consistent 6.6-inch screen.

While we are on the screen subject: speculations about a 3D Touch technology reached the media, showing that Samsung does all it can to keep up with Apple's new implements.

Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S7 is designed to feature S Pen support and that the new flagship line of devices will use Android N as its original OS.

The price of the Galaxy S7 was not officially announced, yet analysts speculate that the new Samsung flagship could be 10 percent more affordable than the Galaxy S6. Of course, this refers to the price the Galaxy S6 had at its launch, and not the tempting prices of today.

Pan Jiutang, a Chinese mobile analyst, notes that Samsung could get an advantage out of a competitive pricing policy.

We look forward to see if the rumors hit the mark, and we will make sure you find out first about the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 developments.

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