Being out at sea presents its various demands.

Garmin hopes to make mariners' lives a bit easier with its new Nautix. On Wednesday, the company announced its hands-free, in-view display, which is meant to bolster mariners' situational awareness by flashing key boating data directly into their line of sight. This would allow them to navigate their boats, while getting the info they need.

The Nautix, which attaches to most sunglasses, displays everything from boat speed, engine RPM, heading, water depth and temperature and wind direction. The hands-free, in-view display also touts eight hours of battery life and a necessary weatherproof design, specifically made to endure whatever the environment out at sea throws at mariners.

Once clipped onto a pair of sunglasses, the Nautix can be operated with its glove- and wet-weather friendly touch panel, touting an integrated ambient light sensor and color display to ensure readability in all conditions.

Garmin adds that connecting the Nautix with a compatible chartplotter will enable it to receive data from up to a dozen different data screens, allowing users to view streaming boat data and distance and bearing to the next waypoint.

The Nautix is slated for an April release with a projected retail price of $399.99.

But first, the device will be introduced at the Miami International Boat Show, which begins Thursday.

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