Kayne West proved once again that no one loves Kayne as much as Kayne.

The controversial rapper premiered his fashion line "Yeezy Seaon 3" at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Thursday night, where he also debuted his seventh album, officially titled The Life of Pablo.

Combining his love for music, fashion, himself and his late mother, Kayne then used the opportunity to show the world the trailer for his new video game.

"I worked on a video game and I wanted to show y'all," Kanye said. "The idea of the game is my mom traveling through the gates of heaven."

After announcing that he was working on the game title Only One (just like the song) last year, he probably thought that fans were dying to see just what it will finally look like.

But it appears that the crowd's reaction fell flat, and Kayne had to explain just how hard it was to make and how really, really proud he is of it.

"That's not easy to do. Y'all just act like s*** is regular, man," he said. "No, You don't understand. I go out and meet with everybody in San Fran, and they'll diss the f*** out of me and I'll be 'I want to make a game' and they be like 'f*** you'. That hard to do bro. Man this s*** was hard to do, man."

Kayne then played the trailer again.

It only seems fitting that the rapper who often refers to himself as a god would release a game of this nature, but the whole concept is a bit morbid. Would you really want to play as Donda West as she embarks on a journey to heaven?

That aside, the graphics are actually quite beautiful as people are seen soaring up past the clouds toward a bright light. Kayne's mom also gets to ride a Pegasus before growing her own wings to help her get to the gates.

However, the game does seem a bit basic, just a bunch of flying upward with little else going on.

Kayne didn't announce the release date for Only One, but the trailer revealed that it is "coming soon."

In other self-absorbed news, Kayne is also making headlines for dissing Taylor Swift in his song "Famous" featured on his new album. He previously engaged in a Twitter war with Wiz Khalifa after he thought the rapper dissed the fact that he wanted to name his album Waves. It turned out that Wiz Khalifa was just about about marijuana and not Ye's new album.

The rapper live-streamed the entire "Yeezy Season 3" on Tidal and in movie theaters internationally, although the quality on Jay Z's music-streaming service was poor.

Check out the trailer for Only One below. And don't worry if you don't love it, at least Kayne does.

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Photo: Piotr Drabik | Flickr

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