Five Nights at Freddy’s World, the role-playing game in developer Scott Cawthon’s popular Five Nights at Freddy’s video game franchise, has returned for free after being pulled from sale in January.

The base franchise, Five Nights at Freddy’s, is a series of horror games featuring animatronic puppets. The role-playing game spinoff took all this and plopped it in a sort of fantastical overworld. At the time of its initial release, players cited poor visuals and boring fights as strikes against the spinoff game, something Cawthon took to heart.

After releasing Five Nights at Freddy’s World as a surprise, Cawthon later admitted that, perhaps he had pushed it out too soon when the game received a number of negative reviews and comments. He promised to update the game and bring it to a more complete state in the future, while also pulling it from Steam and indicating that he’d be working with Valve to make sure everyone who had purchased the game could get a refund regardless of how much time they’d spent in the game.

While it disappeared from Steam, Cawthon left the free version up at GameJolt. That’s also where he indicated he’d update the game when the time was right.

“When I'm ready to update the game,” Cawthon wrote in a statement given to press at the time, “I will replace the demo currently on GameJolt with the full game. From this point forward, the game will always be free.”

Now, that time has come! Cawthon’s updated the GameJolt version with “a remodeled overworld and many other new features.”

As promised, the download remains free, and the update also notes that there’s more coming in the future — not exactly what, but just … more. The strange saga of Five Nights at Freddy’s World continues, and there’s no telling just what’s in store next.

Source: IGN

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