While smartphones will be the center of attention at the upcoming 2016 Mobile World Congress, there are other gadgets that could make headlines from the annual event.

One such gadget is the IOFIT, a smart shoe that is developed by Samsung-backed startup Salted Venture. The footwear features data analysis measurement devices linked to a coaching app that will help make improvements to the balance and posture of the wearer.

According to Salted Venture CEO Jacob Cho, there is a good amount of valuable data that comes from the people's feet, with this information currently being wasted.

"So, we wanted to make use of this data and utilize it to provide value to people. That was the driving force behind IOFIT," Cho says.

At least two models of the IOFIT are being developed, with one bearing the looks of a running shoe and the other looking like oxfords that are worn by golfers.

The idea for IOFIT was incubated at C-Lab, which is one of the primary innovation programs at Samsung for its employees. The team that developed the idea soon left Samsung to establish Salted Venture as an independent firm.

Samsung said that the development of IOFIT began with the realization of the possible applications of the technology and the extensive field research that the smart shoe's developers poured into the wearable device.

Salted Venture Chief Operating Officer Sehee Lee says that facilities such as fitness centers employed force plates, which are equipment used in gathering user's feet data that can be used for purposes such as posture rehabilitation. The team decided to develop the IOFIT as a cost-effective and portable solution, compared to the force plates that were pricey and static.

Data analysis tools such as pressure sensors and accelerometers were packed into the IOFIT determine the balance, ground contact force, weight shift and center of gravity of the user. The gathered information is then shown to the user through the accompanying app.

Setting the IOFIT apart from other wearable devices is the fact that it does not only collect data, but it also provides users with solutions to their fitness and health problems. One such way that users can benefit from the IOFIT system is through the app's video playback feature, which allows users to see how they look as then move and then make adjustments based on the data shown to them.

In addition, the IOFIT app has a coaching and analysis feature that lets coaches from any place to leave feedback on videos with voice-over comments to assist users on the improvements that they can make. Two videos can also be played simultaneously for a better comparison.

Though, IOFIT is not just about the data, as the startup also has the style of the smart shoes in mind. In fact, it has already caught the attention of some of the biggest footwear brands in the world, with Salted Venture hoping that it can make more connections with show brands at the upcoming MWC.

Salted Venture will be seeking for some crowdfunding for the IOFIT, a report says that the running shoes will be sold at $149, while the golf shoes at $199.

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