'Street Fighter V' Servers Are Off To A Rough Start


Capcom's Street Fighter V launches today on PlayStation 4 and PC, but so far, the launch is going anything but smoothly. Despite multiple beta tests, the game's online functionality is being mired by server problems that are leaving some unable to play.

More than a few players who had early access to the title for review purposes (myself included) found themselves unable to connect to the game's servers last night and into the morning, when players finally got their hands on the game.

Capcom has created a Street Fighter V server Twitter account to keep fans updated about the game's issues, and so far, it's almost all bad news:

The problem is so bad that the game's executive producer took to Twitter to offer an apology to fans.

Considering Street Fighter V isn't exactly overflowing with single-player content, the current state of the game's online components is a major bummer for players. Let's hope Capcom improves its servers soon. You can expect our full review of Street Fighter V in the days ahead as we spend some time with the game's online modes and see if Capcom can improve the online experience. 

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