PayPal has given its Android app a significant overhaul to make it a more reliable and faster mobile payment system.

Starting Feb. 18, PayPal will officially push out the Android app's brand new version. However, it appears that the update has shown up on APK Mirror already.

Android Police managed to get the app's changelog from PayPal support, although it says that it might end up being a bit different.

Here's a list of the new improvements to expect from the redesigned app.

• A more detailed activity view and a ton of quick actions which include paying a pending request, accepting/denying payments, viewing history with a particular merchant and sending another payment

• A refreshed home page which helps customers easily navigate to a few top tasks and find out features they did not know about

• Ability to view and update their personal details

• Ability to request money from their family and friends

• Ability to send money to recent or frequent contacts quickly

• An option to sign up for a new PayPal account

• Material animations and touch effects

It was previously expected that PayPal will add Marshmallow fingerprint login. However, it seems that the feature is not present in the updated build of the app.

The app also does not let users take screenshots for security reasons. On top of that, it is given a couple of material animations plus touch effects.

"The entire app has a new design and is built upon faster, more reliable services," says the PayPal support team. "This will make the current features faster and more efficient for our customers."

Those who wish to get first dibs on the new version can download it via APK Mirror. Nevertheless, the new Android app is believed to hit Google Play Store very soon.

To make PayPal more competitive with all of its challengers, it is now working on a few more enhancements.

For example, the company intends to include tap-and-pay (NFC) support on Android, which is expected to be introduced at the Mobile World Congress this year.

"We've been spending a lot of time talking about this big period of transformation, and how people shop, how people sell and how people interact with finances," Jo Lambert, vice president of PayPal's Global Consumer Product and Engineering at PayPal, said.

PayPal also wishes to boost its app by helping users manage their money, such as setting their goals, managing their budget and more.

Lambert adds that PayPal is "moving from a transactional brand to being a brand that stands behind people to help them manage and move their money more effectively."

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