In the earlier version of the Google Glass, one is allowed to store only up to 10 contacts. The latest update allows twenty contacts that can be easily searched by using one's voice. The rest of the contacts are only a swipe away.

When sending a message, the user is also given the liberty to choose the way he would like to send a message. After he has chosen a contact by tapping on the name, he can choose whether he wants to establish contact through email, SMS, or Hangouts.

The user can organize contacts and label favorite ones with stars. This way, one can easily access starred contacts using voice commands. The feature is very useful for anyone who has to keep a large amount of Google contacts.

The easier contact access is not the only feature that one can expect from Google's Glass update. Even nearby events such as concerts, festivals, inventory sale, movie premieres can also be shown in the Glass. For those who are traveling, they can get a currency conversion in the Glass' Google Now. It also recognizes a number of voice commands that should keep the user from physically accessing his touchpad. Some of the simple tasks that can be instructed by just using one's voice would include sending a photo and changing the volume. Other voiced instructions that can be understood by the Glass would include phrases such as make a vignette, delete this, play video, share this with, end this call, and mute my microphone.

The Glass team also added an enhanced "head nudge" card to the settings bundle. Head nudge allows the user to turn off the display when he doesn't need it by simply making a subtle head movement akin to a nod. In the past, there is no setting available yet that could turn the gesture on or off. Now, Google has created a card in the Settings bundle which makes it easier for the user to toggle the feature that is turned off by default. Google explains that this is not connected with the Head Wake Up feature.

Google reminds Glass users that new software updates can actually take up to a week for them to be available. For users of Android, they can start taking advantage of the Glass' new features as soon as the update becomes live. On the other hand, users of iOS should wait a little while as Google is working on an enhanced version of the My Glass iOS app which should be ready in the next week or so.

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