Prison Architect was highly acclaimed by PC gamers, and Xbox One players finally get a piece of the innovative prison-building game as well - at least in preview version for now.

The developer notes that the Xbox One Prison Architect game is far from completion, and important changes could be present in the final release. It goes on to say that there is a small chance for the product to never reach completion stage, but encourages the players to give it a go anyway.

The game lets you witness the impact of your planning capabilities first hand. You can create a Panopticon-style center, a hippie-like rehabilitation center or a savage maximum security facility. If you are particularly inspired, you can mash the aforementioned correctional approaches.

As an architect, you need to make sure that your inmates' needs are met - this means that shelter, food, hygiene and education of the convicts are in your hands. Keep in mind that nobody wants to stay in prison, so be alert at all times.

By starting out with the Prison Stories, aka the Main Campaign, you can meet the smooth learning curve of the game. The campaign will teach you all you need to know about handling fire scenarios, instances where hostages are involved and (obviously) prison-wide riots.

Should you cruise smoothly through all these challenges, the Mayor will be more than happy to give you the reins to your own "Dream Prison."

Those who are fascinated by maximum security prisons have their chance to test it out. In Architect Mode (sandbox), you act both as the architect and governor, which gives you power over every detail of your Prison. From hiring new staff to elaborating reform programs and cell building - everything is up to you.

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Prison Architect was initially a crowdfunding project that gained lift and raised beyond $270,000 in only two weeks. More than 8,000 supporters pledged for the game. When the campaign ended, the developers enthusiastically noted that $10.7 million preorder sales stacked for the alpha variant of the game.

You may directly download Prison Architect Preview for Xbox One from the Xbox online store. Introversion Software, the developer of Prison Architect, welcomes feedback or issue reporting. If you have anything to report, you can do it at the official website.

Check out the older trailer below to learn more about the Xbox One version of Prison Architect and its gameplay.

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