Call Grandma! Here's The Perfect Crocheted X-Wing Blanket For A 'Star Wars' Bedroom


Who would have thought that, for only $5.99 and crocheting skills, anyone can have a "Star Wars" X-Wing Starfighter in their own home?

MJ's Off The Hook Designs, the same shop run by self-confessed crochet addicted mom responsible for the viral crocheted mermaid and dolphin blankets, came up with the "Star Wars" inspired design and shared it on her blog and Ravelry shop on March 2.

The design was based on the Starfighter toy of MJ's son and she came up with two variations for kids and adults. Just like MJ's other blankets, the X-Wing Starfighter fits snuggly and should cover the full length of one's legs, starting from the cockpit where one's feet should fit comfortably, to the engines which doubles as hand warmers and up to the tail end which should come up to the person's waist.

"The Spacefighter is designed to cocoon only around the calves and feet, the rest of the blanket opens up to lay over the body," MJ wrote on her Ravelry shop.

The design makes use of a super bulky type of yarn which weighs around five to six wraps per inch (wpi) and a 15mm and 9mm hook.

MJ is only selling the design in her store and she is open to having other people sell their finished product based on her design but with two conditions. First is that any seller who used her pattern be kind enough to credit the design to her. Second is that sellers should use photos of their own finished product or, at least, not use any of the photos she uploaded to promote the design.

"All my images are copyright protected and cannot be used to sell your items," she reminds.

She also notes that all sales are final and will not be given a refund, so you may want to mention that to grandma when you call her up to sweet talk her into making one for you. Then again, you can always start a new hobby to cope with stress. "We all live such busy lives and this is a great way to relax at the end of the day or take with you for long commutes or waits," MJ writes.

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