MacBook Pro and MacBook Air owners would be glad to know that, finally, there is a way to upgrade the storage of their laptops.

On Tuesday, Other World Computing (OWC) announced its new Aura SSD Flash Storage. This flash storage is compatible with Retina MacBook Pro and Air models from mid-2013 to newer versions.

The Aura SSD is highly beneficial, particularly to people who are constantly in need of storage expansion. The kits are deemed as the first and only PCIe-based flash storage upgrades, allowing users to gain up to eight times the capacity of the Apple factory SSD.

Upgrading the storage of your MacBook laptop using the OWC Aura SSD is easy peasy. The upgrade kit would be all you need since it already has all the necessary tools, together with the instructions on how you should do it. The kit also comes with free extensive installation videos along with award-winning customer support to guide you all the way.


Some of the features of the flash storage upgrade include its precise engineering and high quality materials for a better, faster and more dependable performance and guaranteed compatibility. It also features the following:

• Data refresh at cell level to improve data integrity and extend your drive’s life;
• Three-level error correction for superior data protection;
• Tier-1 Flash for better performance and dependability; and
• Wear-leveling using global algorithm to evenly distribute data across the SSD cells.

Price And Availability

The upgrade kits are worth $347.99 (480 GB) and $597.99 (1 TB) for the Drive-only sets. While the SSD slot add-in kits cost $399 (480 GB) and $649 (1 TB). These prices are still far cheaper as opposed to buying a new Mac laptop, which could cost thousands of dollars.

Both of these drives are obtainable from the OWC site and is slated to be shipped at the end of March this year.

"Users that may have had to closely manage their storage space on a small 128 GB factory SSD will now have more room than ever before for their documents, photos, videos and music," said Larry O'Connor, OWC's founder and chief executive.

He added that content creators, including musicians and photographers, are now able to experience flexibility plus workflow options due to the Aura SSD's more humongous storage capacity, particularly with the 1.0 TB model.

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