Xiaomi has yet to officially announce a European launch of its Mi 5 flagship and adds that the handset's promotion on a commerce site based in Poland is not authentic.

Hugo Barra, Xiaomi VP, has been promising to launch the Mi 5 in Europe, although other details such as pricing and dates are still undetermined.

According to the Polish site in question, Xiaomi's latest handsets, such as the Mi 5 and the Mi 4S, will soon be available to its European customers. The site even promised to add more details such as launch date and pricing very soon. At first glance, one would believe the Polish site is the actual Xiaomi Poland site, but the company confirmed it's not authentic.

The Mi 5 will reportedly come in three distinct versions. The first and second versions will share similar features, such as a 5.15-inch display with curved glass enclosure 3D, 3 GB RAM and a trio of color options that include white, black and gold.

The first version of the Mi 5 will run on Snapdragon processor 820 at 1.8 GHz, while the second version will run on Snapdragon 820 at 2.15 GHz. The first version will also have 32 GB UFS as opposed to the second version's 64 GB UFS.

The third Mi 5 version will have features that include a 5.15-inch display, Snapdragon 820 at 2.15 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB UFS and 3D ceramic housing. It will only be available in a black color option.

All three versions share a number of other impressive features that include a 16 MP camera that has 4-axis OIS, full-featured NFC, 600 Mbps 4G+ connectivity and more.

Xiaomi is reportedly working on the Mi 5's Touch ID sensor feature as well as a retina sensor that will allow users to unlock their devices using their eyes.

Since its launch at the MWC 2016, the Mi 5 flagship has been gaining a lot of attention from consumers who are seeking a handset that not only has advanced features, but is also affordably-priced. The Xiaomi Mi 5 will reportedly have starting prices as low as $300.

However, Xiaomi's handsets seemed to have limited availability outside of their home country, which has been a major problem for the company. Rival company Meizu has, so far, outpaced Xiaomi in terms of expanding its presence outside the Mainland, with its handsets also being available in India and the European Union.

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