This 'Fallout 4' Dragon Ball Z Scouters Mod Gives You Night Vision, Targeting HUD, Slow-Mo And More


Bethesda's open-world RPG Fallout 4 continues to be one of the hottest video game titles around because of its massive content that allows gamers to play it for hours on end.

However, the game also benefits from its modifiable aspect, which gives hardcore modders the chance to put a spin on their favorite action-adventure shooter.

One such die-hard fan, going by the handle Ruddy88 on the Nexus Mods website, decided to show his love for the classic manga and anime series "Dragon Ball Z" by designing a fully-functioning scouter for Fallout 4 players to use in-game.

In the "Dragon Ball Z" series, scouters are used by warriors in the villain Frieza's army to analyze the fighting abilities of their opponents in order to gain an advantage during encounters. The power levels of individuals are usually shown to the wearers through a heads-up display (HUD) on the scouters.

Characters in the Fallout games use a similar device in the form of the standard issue Pip-Boy 3000. This wearable gadget provides users with all the necessary information they might need to navigate through the post-apocalyptic world of the United States featured in the game series.

Ruddy88's scouter mod can be customized by players to suit their needs in the game. However, the accessory also features a few neat abilities that enhance Fallout 4's gameplay. These include a targeting HUD, a night vision and even a slow-mo mode, which allows players to get a better aim when looking down the sights of their guns.

Dogmeat, the players' canine companion in the game, can also wear the scouter. This should go well with the customizable backpack mod made by modder Higeyosi that allows the dog to carry more items on him.

The anime-inspired Fallout 4 mod follows the introduction of other fan-made add-ons to the game, such as the Saitama mod, which swaps the character design of the Sole Survivor with that of the main character of the popular Web comic series "One-Punch Man." This is more than just a palette swap as the mod really allows players to beat in-game enemies with just a single punch.

A word of caution to those who are planning to get the mod though as using it could take out much of Fallout 4's fun as you can simply walk up to an enemy and kill him with one blow, totally disregarding the aspect of tactical planning and strategy.

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