The team behind Rian Johnson-directed "Star Wars: Episode VIII" let the world know that the next installment to the Star Wars saga began filming on Feb. 15. With the aid of sneaky people and the Internet, fans have also been privy to a few more information on the production. Specifically, fans now know that the film will introduce new alien races from the galaxy far far away.

The cast and crew of "Star Wars: Episode VIII" are currently filming in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and some have spotted costumed people and prosthetics clad creatures that just spell out Star Wars in every way.

Photos of actors clad in regal outfits reminiscent of what the Coruscant and Naboo ruling class wear have surfaced on the Internet and it seems elites of other alien races walk among them. Take a look at the photos below to determine for yourself.

The two above seem to have urgent businesses with other elites; however, only they know for sure whether they will speak for the Rebels or the First Order. What is puzzling to us at the moment is the giant alien head also seen being hoisted up by the crew.

It could be another type of intelligent alien race but, then again, it could also be a non-sentient steed like the Droffi or Kaadu. Whatever it is, it will most likely be shrouded in mystery until either the day the film comes out or an intergalactic leak that would reveal the production's closely held secrets happens between now and December 2017.

Then again, people from the production can reveal bits of information as the shoot goes along. After all, the two big stars from the original Star Wars trilogy already revealed the "real" title of "Episode VIII" and that is "Star Wars: Space Bear." Trust the Skywalkers to give everyone a hint.

"Star Wars: Episode VIII" will hit cinemas Dec. 15, 2017.

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