Depending on the movie trailer, we can either learn a lot or nothing at all about the upcoming film it's teasing. Lucky for us, the trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set up the movie up enough so we know what we can expect, while saving the action for its big release.

And we already know this latest superhero flick will be gritty. Early reviews reveal that the movie may possibly be even darker than Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy. But imagine if the movie went in the total opposite direction and was instead a lighthearted film about two guys at odds who wind up falling for each other? Seriously, if you just think about the storyline stripped down, it kind of has what it takes to be the next greatest rom-com.

The folks over at Wired decided to change the Batman v Superman trailer a bit to show what it would look like if it were, in fact, a rom-com. And the result is quite entertaining. Now, we aren't saying that we would prefer the biggest superhero movie of the year to instead focus on the two leading men's romantic relationship, but from a fan fiction standpoint, seeing this story play out wouldn't be the worst movie ever made.

The trailer for this rom-com spoof — properly titled Batman Meets Superman: Dawn Of Just Us — reveals this movie is just about two above average men trying to fight for a meaningful relationship. We are introduced to Clark Kent, a guy who has it all — a good job, friends who love him — but he always felt a little like he has been "flung from space." But that's when he finally meets his perfect match — Bruce Wayne.

While the two seem to hit it off, they find it will be a struggle to be vulnerable with each other in their mission to fall in love. Their worst enemy? Each other.

Of course, it wouldn't be a rom-com without a little love triangle action, so Wonder Woman coming to town may only confuse these two men even more.

With perfectly placed scenes and the right quotes from Batfleck, this trailer makes it seem like there is no way this movie won't explore the love that grows between these two characters.

Somehow this is the rom-com we never knew we so needed in our lives. While it's safe to say the Dawn Of Just Us will just live in our fantasies, you can check out the spoof trailer for yourself below. Make sure to see the real Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when it hits theaters March 25.

Source: Wired

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