The Fitbit fitness tracker now has its own personal trainer to egg you on ... and her name is Alexa.

Forbes is reporting that the wearable can now be synced with Amazon Echo's digital assistant Alexa, giving voice to daily activity reports from your fitness regimen.

Although Echo's Alexa has already integrated with companies such as Uber, Domino's, NBC News and, most recently, Capital One, to name a few, Fitbit claims to be the first wearable company to sync with the gadget.

The integration should definitely heighten the experience for Fitbit users, taking their eyes off the tiny screen that accompanies the wrist-worn trackers, allowing them to open their ears — not to mention, getting some positive encouragement from Alexa, something that's always nice to hear following a good workout session. Forbes points out how Fitbit's stock shares have dropped by upward of 50 percent over the past three months, making this integration announcement all the more vital.

How will it work? Well, Forbes reports that users of both the Fitbit and Echo could simply say things like, "Alexa, ask Fitbit how I'm doing today." The news company adds that Alexa might respond with something to the effect of: "You have taken about 4,500 steps and have been active for around 20 minutes today" and "just keep going."

That goes for overnight, too, when the wearable tracks how long you slept.

"Try fine-tuning your routine to get the best night's rest," is a phrase that might be rattled off in the morning, as reported by Forbes.

Altogether, the wearable's integration with Alexa has equipped Echo's digital assistant with between 50 and 60 statements, Tim Roberts, the head of design and research for Fitbit, told Forbes.

In the future, Roberts says the integration could even have Alexa speaking in a different voice.

"If the voice from Fitbit was wildly different, [veering between] a drill sergeant or a super-nice voice, that might sound really schizophrenic," Roberts said. "You can imagine something between being more pushy and a bit more supportive. There's a range we can play with, but there's limits to how far we want to push that."

That's if Alexa's feedback doesn't push you to get in shape enough.

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