The Samsung Galaxy S7 has started to get in the hands of many customers and technophiles have started reviewing the new smartphone.

Here is a review roundup of the latest Galaxy S7 handset.

The U.S. version of the Galaxy S7 has a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and 4 GB of RAM, which makes the phone fast - even while multi-tasking.

"The new processor (Qualcomm in the U.S., which is what I tested; other markets will have a Samsung Exynos chip) is paired with 4 GB of RAM, and it has no trouble multitasking, gaming, playing video, or any other task I attempted with it. It's a fast and responsive phone that was ready for anything I needed it to do," says Dan Seifert of The Verge.

The camera of the Galaxy S7 has been applauded by experts. The handset has a 12-megapixel rear-facing and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. The mobile uses f/1.7 lenses on the front as well as on the rear camera.

"I found camera performance to be very similar to the S6, which is to say it is excellent. The camera megapixel count has been reduced, but the pixels size increased to help improve low-light photography. You can confidently use the Samsung Galaxy S7 while out to dinner or at a party and trust you will capture some great shots," says ZDNet's Matthew Miller.

Samsung has improved the design of the Galaxy S7, but it is still similar to the Galaxy S6.

"At first glance, the Galaxy S7 certainly looks very similar to its predecessor, but Samsung has managed to sneak in a few improvements to the design. First, the camera bump has been noticeably reduced so it barely protrudes from the rear; with the Galaxy S6, there was always a concern over laying it flat on its back, but with the Galaxy S7, this is no longer really a problem."

"Secondly, the Galaxy S7 is noticeably thicker and heavier than the Galaxy S6," says Nirave Gondhia of Android Authority.

The Galaxy S7 has a standard audio jack and a front speaker, yet the audio quality has failed to impress some reviewers.

"Sound from the speaker is expectedly tinny and weak, like all phones outside of the HTC One series, which have dual-front facing speakers. The full-volume sound from an iPhone 6S is still noticeably crisper than the S7, but neither device hits it out of the park," says Jeffrey Van Camp of Digital Trends.

The Galaxy S7 has a 3,000 mAh battery, which offers long-lasting usage.

"With high daily use the S7 tends to leave me with around 10-15 percent battery life at the end of the day. ... It has fantastic standby time, though, most likely down to the Doze feature built into Android Marshmallow, so leaving it unplugged overnight will only lose you 3-4 percent," says Max Parker of Trusted Reviews.

Samsung's new flagship devices are waterproof and have a microSD card, which can be used for expanding the memory.

"Samsung's return to the microSD card slot meant I could load the S7 with a movie to watch offline, and save all those photos and videos to a card instead of to the more limited phone memory," says CNet's Jessica Dolcourt. "I wouldn't normally worry about a regular phone corroding from rain, so London and Berlin's frequent downpours didn't prove a thing."

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