The DVD release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is only a few weeks away, but there are already some hints as to what the included deleted scenes will be. As a treat for us all, there's a chance that one of them will feature everyone's favorite Internet persona, Emo Kylo Ren — sort of.

As originally reported by Entertainment Weekly, one of the seven deleted scenes included in the DVD's special features selection will be an (aptly) emotional Kylo Ren flashback sequence, triggered by Darth Vader's biggest fan happening upon the Millennium Falcon en route to the Starkiller Base.

For the uninitiated, what makes this a bit of a laugh-out-loud descriptor for us is how closely it resembles tweets from the popular Twitter parody account Emo Kylo Ren (@KyloR3n), which hilariously imagines the inner life of Leia and Han's uber-sensitive, uber-moody son as a teen.

If the Twitter account is an accurate barometer, for all we know the flashback montage could be set to a song by My Chemical Romance.

As for the other deleted scenes? According to Polygon, here are descriptions of some of the other clips that got left on the cutting room floor that we should expect on the Force Awakens DVD:

" • Finn, still a Stormtrooper, has a tough decision to make when he finds a terrified woman in the burning village during the movie's opening scene.

Han Solo, ever the smooth talker, works his way out of a tense interaction with a group of Stormtroopers in Maz Kanata's basement.

• In a scene with the new General Leia, the Resistance receives a call for help from BB-8 and argues about the First Order's actions.

• Fan favorite Poe Dameron leads a group of pilots into battle above Starkiller Base.

• Rey watches over Finn after he was badly wounded."

As to why these scenes didn't make the final cut?

"There are so many things that end up getting cut because of the greater good, because of the rhythm of the sequence or the need to get on with it, a sense of redundancy," J.J. Abrams told EW in an exclusive interview.

"You don't know any of these things when you're making the movie, of course," the Force Awakens director added. "It was sometimes after months of working on something that you realize finally — you just don't need it."

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be available for purchase on DVD and Blu-ray on April 5, and for digital purchase on April 1.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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