The Pangu Team has done it again.

The group of Chinese developers behind some of the most well-known iOS jailbreaking programs has released the first tool designed specifically to bypass the tvOS 9.0 and tvOS 9.0.1 for the Apple TV 4.

Jailbreaking allows Apple TV owners to watch TV shows and movies that are normally unavailable through iTunes. People who jailbreak their devices usually do so to have access to other channels and online streaming services such as ESPN, NBA, CBS, ABC, MTV, PBS, Pandora, Hulu and Amazon.

The newest jailbreak tool, Pangu 1.0 version, can be downloaded from the group's website.

Things You Will Need To Jailbreak Your Apple TV 4

1. Eligible Apple TV 4 with tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1

2. USB-C cable

3. Xcode

4. A Mac computer

5. iOS App Signer

6. The Pangu jailbreak tool

According to the Pangu Team, users need to have a paid Apple Developer membership in order to use the tool.

How To Use The Pangu Jailbreak Tool

Tech website 9To5Mac offers a step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak an Apple TV using the Pangu provided tool.

1. Connect your Apple TV unit to a Mac computer using the USB cable. Make sure the device's Automatic Updates feature is disabled.

2. Go to the Pangu Team's website and download the Pangu 1.0 jailbreak tool. Download the ZIP files for the iOS App Signer as well. Extract both the jailbreak tool and the files to your Mac's desktop.

3. Launch the Xcode you have and go to File → New → Project → tvOS → Application → Single View Application → Next.

4. You need to type in "Jailbreak" under the product name and "com.jailbreak.appletv" under the organization identifier field. Enter your name for the organization. Make sure to keep all other fields unchanged before clicking Next and then Create.

5. Choose the Apple TV option located under Product and then Destination.

6. Look for your Apple ID under the team field and select it. If you don't have an Apple ID yet, you need to create a free one then link it to the Xcode.

7. If you encounter any provisioning issues, just select Fix Issue to have them cleared up.

8. Open the iOS App Signer and click Browse to search for the that was included in the Pangu download. This can be found in the Payload folder.

9. In the iOS App Signer, choose the Certificate and Provisioning Profile for the file you created using the Xcode.

10. Select Start on the iOS App Signer then Desktop. Click on the Save option to have the atvipa.ipa saved to your Mac's desktop.

11. Go back to the Xcode and access Window then Devices. In the options, choose your Apple TV.

12. Click on the + button in the Installed Apps option then select atvipa.ipa file. This would allow the jailbreak tool associate itself with your Apple TV.

13. Once you see the tool appear on the Apple TV's Home screen, open the app to let it begin its jailbreak of your device.

14. After the Pangu tool finishes the jailbreak, you need to access your Apple TV's secure shell (SSH) using the IP address for your Wi-Fi.

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