If you've somehow missed the litany of different PlayStation 4 rumors that made their way online over the past few weeks, here's a refresher: a number of different sources, speaking to outlets like Digital Foundry and The Know, have seemingly confirmed that an updated model of Sony's latest console is scheduled for release sometime later this year.

The biggest new feature is the console's supposed ability to play games in 4K resolution ... but there are just as many people who think the "PlayStation 4.5" is just a slimmer version of the original console. Naturally, Sony has yet to comment on any of the rumors, but the sheer number of them seems to confirm that the updated console is actually happening. And now, fans may know when they're going to get to see it.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Sony has plans to unveil the PlayStation 4.5 before the release of its PlayStation VR headset. That essentially limits the announcement window to sometime before October — though we'd be willing to bet that the reveal will happen sooner than that.

Considering the size of the event, E3 2016 is really the only place where an announcement such as this makes sense. If Sony is hoping to "win" the show, announcing an updated version of the most popular console of this generation seems like a good way to do just that. Granted, there's also the Tokyo Game Show in September, but that event doesn't have nearly the same level of coverage centered around it.

Whenever Sony decides to detail the PlayStation 4.5, it'll have quite a few questions to answer: Will it actually play games in 4K? Why would someone who already owns a PS4 buy another version of the same console? Will it affect how PlayStation VR works?

At the very least, it doesn't look like gamers will have to worry about a forced upgrade. While the different rumors all seem to suggest that the PlayStation 4.5 will offer some sort of performance boost, those same rumors also suggest that Sony won't be splitting its user base. Long story short, the PlayStation 4 and 4.5 will all feature the same library of games, even if some look or play a little better on Sony's newer machine.

At this point, there's really no telling what exactly the PlayStation 4.5 can do — but at least gamers can expect to hear more about it this summer.

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