Alongside the announcement that Rift is being shipped to more than 20 countries and regions, Oculus said that Farlands is now available for free download, so users can discover odd creatures and mysterious habitats.

"We're excited to announce Farlands, a tiny alien world that comes with your Rift," says Oculus.

Farlands is a new kind of virtual reality experience that the company created using Epic's Unreal Engine 4, specifically designed for Rift.

This VR experience allows players to travel into a strange yet vibrant planet crowded with exotic life. Through Farland, one can able to walk around out-of-this-world landscapes, learn more about fish, bugs and plant-life and develop relationships with the extraterrestrial creatures in real time.

"Each day brings you a new opportunity to discover creatures and explore their habitats," it says.

If you wish to have a glimpse at the Farlands experience, hit the play button below.

Oculus started shipping the Kickstarter units on Monday, while the first preordered Rifts will be shipped by midweek, and will arrive soon after.

The company promises that it is doing its best to deliver the headsets, so that customers who preordered can start experiencing the fully immersive VR within their homes.

Consumers who preordered are going to receive two emails before the unit arrives at their doorstep. First, an email saying the order is being prepared will be sent about one to three weeks before the shipping date. Then another email will arrive one confirming the payment method, and saying that the unit is on its way.

Oculus says that to date there exist quite a few VR games, short films and 360 videos in its store. In fact, one can pick from 30 games that Oculus is currently offering, including Chronos, EVE: Valkyrie, Lucky’s Tale, AirMech Command, BlazeRush and VR Tennis Online.

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