A 21-year-old Georgie Scotney from Portsmouth in the UK has made headlines for her strange eating disorder that made her live off KFC food for the past three years.

Georgie was diagnosed with Selective Eating Disorder (SED) at a very young age wherein she could eat only selective food items and was scared of trying new foods. However, in the past three years, the disorder became so intense that she could only stomach KFC chicken and maybe occasionally some toast.

During school trips, when she was younger, she preferred to go hungry than eat an alternative dish if southern fried chicken and chips or bread toast was unavailable. This selective eating worsened over time and, eventually, she was able to consume only the KFC brand of chicken.

"Growing up I'd always been really stubborn with what I'd eat, it started off as just southern fried chicken and chips but it then got to the point where it'd only be chicken from KFC — I'd go there every day without fail," said Georgie.

Georgie and her 25-year-old boyfriend Dean Arnold had made plans to go on a four-month-long trip around Asia in May. They realized that they had to do something about Georgie's eating disorder, lest she starves during the trip. It was this that finally led her to seek medical help and pay a visit to Felix Economakis, a chartered psychologist. Felix particularly specializes in treating SED.

As skeptical and discerning as she was about the treatment, she went ahead for a hypnotherapy session with Felix that lasted for just an hour. The results thereafter were amazing as she is now able to eat other foods, including fruits, pasta and processed meat, among other things.

"When we decided that we'd go traveling I knew that something needed to be done, we're going for four months and I knew I wouldn't be able to eat any of the food — I would have starved. I warned everyone that I was so headstrong and thought that I'd never be able to change. After the session everything changed for me instantly, I tried new foods that I wouldn't have dreamed of even going near before — and I actually really enjoyed them." explained Georgie.

Georgie now feels healthier and happier ever since she had been cured and has introduced new food types into her daily diet.

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