It seems that, even in the alternate universe post-apocalyptic wasteland, cats still rule.

That's at least according to this wasteland-wandering cat, who sports everything a feline needs to survive the world of Fallout.

That's right: watch out Raiders, Super Mutants and Deathclaws, this vault suit-wearing kitty wanderer will slash your eyes out without a second's notice, dare you stumble into its path. It doesn't even need a robot or human companion, either, because when it comes to traversing the wasteland, this kitty will do it alone.

"Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion. Just don't share your opinions with Super Mutants."

Here's the Fallout cat cosplay in all its glory: even the Fallout Boy figure seems impressed.

This cat cosplay comes courtesy of the Cat Cosplay Facebook and Tumblr pages, which many cat lovers and geeks have already discovered. The cats, Nak and Fawkes (the Fallout cat) have been strutting their cosplay talents online and at events for over five years. Every few days, their owners post professional photos of their latest cosplay achievements.

Nothing is too nerdy for Nak and Fawkes, either. They've covered everything from The Walking Dead to The Fifth Element to Firefly to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and have thrilled cat geeks with their many and varied costuming adventures.

When the cats aren't cosplaying, they're into "heavy petting, exploring, making people smile, riding around on the big dumb human all day at events."

Unfortunately, Nak plans on retiring soon, at the ripe age of 12. The cat cosplay pages started with her, as her owner quickly discovered how much the feline enjoys being around people. Meanwhile, the five-year-old Fawkes grew up as a cosplayer, but because of his "eccentricities," he can't perform outside like his older sister. On a random sidenote, Fawkes also has a weird aversion to socks.

Nak and Fawkes' humans spend a lot of time and effort on creating each costume and its subsequent photograph, as seen in the photos they consistently post on social media. The humans find that working on the cat costumes has taught them a lot of new sewing and crafting techniques.

To see more awesome costumed cat photos, be sure to visit Cat Cosplay on Facebook or Tumblr.

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