Exoskeleton-powered slides and slams and dodges and dashes fill a seven-minute-long peek at Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, a game a Sledgehammer studio head says is better than the original Dead Space.

Glen Schofield, CEO and co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, didn't explicitly state that Advanced Warfare is better than the survival-horror classic he and partner Michael Condrey, Sledgehammer co-founder, worked together to produce. No, Schofield simply stated that Advanced Warfare is clearly their best work so far.

"We r almost done (sic)," states Schofield on Twitter. "Last couple of polish items & I'm being kicked out. In the closers hands now. Best game of our lives. No doubt about it."

While the true greatness of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be told on Nov. 3, and in early reviews around that time, the latest look into the game's biggest seller, it's multiplayer component, show the biggest overhaul of core game play mechanics the series has seen thus far.

Beneath a seemingly endless number of weapon and gadget combinations, Advanced Warfare's exoskeletons are primed to add a new vertical level to the series and encourage players to think drastically different when encountering foes on the futuristic battlefield.

"While the mp experience continues to deliver the same siganture Call of Duty feel, the all new exomovements and abilities offer you more distinct multiplayer possibilities than ever before," states the Advanced Warfare trailer. "In advanced warfare, the exo makes you faster, stronger and more tactical than ever."

Operators, as the game calls players, can use their exoskeleton suits to power dashes, slide and airborne slams to the ground. The powered moves can be chained together to bail players out of whatever complexities enemy operators throw their way and the suits' abilities go beyond movement.

The exoskeletons suits' batteries can temporarily cloak, shield or hold players in a hover in the air. The exo-trophy system can be deployed to detonate airborne grenades, a "noobtube" is mounted on on the forearms of the suits and the series' lauded perk system offers tactical advantages to enhance exoabilities.

After spending a little time covering the game's extensive perks system, the latest multiplayer trailer offers a fresh look at four of the maps and delivers bullet points on some of the new game modes -- "Uplink" may have an e-sports calling.

Take a look the revamped lobby and other new features coming to Advanced Warfare's multiplayer:

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