A good first boss fight should basically act as a test. After getting a handle on how a particular game works, players should have to use everything they've learned in order to get past whatever villain the designers decide to throw at them. Players still feel challenged, but they also feel rewarded for using what the game has taught them.

Dark Souls III is a near-perfect example of that design philosophy. While previous games in the series have occasionally hit new players a bit too hard during the opening hours, the first major battle of From Software's latest game was clearly designed from the ground up to test players on its core mechanics.

That being said, this is Dark Souls, and the fight against Iudex Gundyr is no walk in the park. Players who are just getting into the series might run into a bit of trouble trying to get past the towering knight and his monstrous second form - and that's exactly what our video guide is for.

Here's how to make the first boss of Dark Souls III look like a chump:

As far as Dark Souls bosses go, Iudex Gundyr isn't all that complex. For the first half of the fight, he's basically just a larger-than-average knight - if you know how to dodge or parry, there's a good chance you'll blow right past him. Again, Iudex is simply a test of everything players would have learned up until that point.

Things do get a bit more complicated when Iudex mutates, but the mechanics of the fight don't change all that much: players who can get in close and dodge his attacks won't have much trouble getting a few hits in. It can get somewhat confusing to look at, what with all the pulsating ooze, but even Iudex Gundyr's final form can't compete with a few well-placed slashes.

Of course, Iudex is just the first boss of many: Dark Souls III is absolutely crawling with epic fights against seemingly insurmountable odds. Don't worry - we have more guides on the way, so stay tuned! Or, If you're still wrapping your head around the basics of Dark Souls III, make sure to check out our character creation guide and combat tips - who knows, they just might save your (virtual) life!

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