Smash Mouth's 'All Star' Performed Backwards Is Beautiful Gibberish


Back in 1999, we couldn't turn on the radio without hearing Smash Mouth's hit "All Star." For some strange reason, it is like we are in a time warp, because the Internet is making this single popular again.

Suddenly, we're back in that familiar suburban neighborhood, and lead singer Steve Harwell is reminding us that "all that glitters is gold," but "only shooting stars break the mold." That's because the YouTube channel dotflist just released its own version of the song, but this time, everything's been inverted.

Somehow, surprisingly, "All Star" sung completely backwards almost works as well as the original. This is mainly because it doesn't sound that far off.

Then again, it can be described, as one commenter pointed out, as what English probably sounds like to non-English speakers.

Whether you liked the song back then or not, it's impossible not to laugh at least a little when listening to the backwards version. Every single line is literally sung backwards. However, impressively, the singing is still on beat and follows the melody we all know so well. Even though what comes out is nonsensical gibberish, like "dumb gets head your, but smart gets brain your," if you just listen and not read the words, it sounds so close to the original that it works, in some bizarre way.

That doesn't mean that your brain won't feel like mush after, but it could be a lot worse. There is another take on Smash Mouth's "All Star" making its rounds across the Internet. However, this one will really make you feel scrambled.

Discovered on Tumblr, "All Star" is played at different tempos, which makes listening to it feel like you're hearing nails on a chalkboard.

Even with these newfound takes on the single, we still won't be able to forget that time Harwell had to eat eggs onstage made by Guy Fieri for charity while "All Star" played — an event that became known on Twitter as "Smash Mouth Eat the Eggs."

Listen to this backwards version of the infamous song (as you eat your eggs or not) in the video below.

Source: The Verge

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