Microsoft will use QR matrix barcodes in order to better inform Windows 10 users about what caused their computers to freeze.

Although the company has decades of experience in the tech industry, it still looks for the best method to inform users why their computer crashed.

Among the many error codes that get displayed on Microsoft's "blue screen of death," users will recognize the all too familiar CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED.

Even though some users will simply wait for the computer to reboot, not caring what the error message is, some might be a tad more inquisitive. For the latter, the codes may assist users to search for an answer online.

Microsoft points out that the codes target developers and not the everyday users. For them, a basic troubleshooting page is the place to go, according to the company. Some basic hints that users will get from such a page is to update their software and remove the new hardware.

The company is ready to take a different approach, breaking up the message into two parts and also adding a QR code to the error diagnosis.

By scanning the QR code with your smartphone, you get directed to the same troubleshooting page which Microsoft links to the blue screen,

Even if the QR code does not link the regular user to the specific error, it could still be helpful. Instead of wasting precious time looking for an online fix for the specific error, the everyday Joe can simply call tech support and tell them precisely what error he met, thus making the resolution of the problem way quicker and easier.

There is a chance that Microsoft's policy will alter in the future pointing people to pages that suggest how to get rid of the error. However, that plan has no official confirmation at the time of the writing.

At the moment, the option to scan QR codes will not be available to general Windows 10 users. Currently, only members of the Windows 10 Insider build have access to the feature and widespread deployment could take some time to happen.

Earlier this week, users on Reddit who are also Windows Insider members engaged in an interesting thread about the new QR codes.

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