Just a few weeks from now, Captain America and Iron Man will go head-to-head in a battle over the liberties of the super-powered community.

As the anticipation for this clash of ideals peaks, Marvel has released several new clips from Captain America: Civil War, as well as a few videos of some behind-the-scenes action, to make sure fans are adequately hyped.

In Captain America: Civil War, after the Avengers leave more collateral damage in their wake, a group of politicians decides to create a group that will oversee the team. When Steve Rogers tries to protect his friend Bucky Barnes from the new laws, it puts him in direct conflict with Tony Stark. This results in the Avengers getting split into two separate factions: those supporting Captain America and those supporting Iron Man.

In the first clip, Captain America, Falcon and Scarlet Witch take out some bad guys before entering a building. A quick teaser trailer follows with Tony telling Steve that, "sometimes, I want to punch you in your perfect teeth." Ouch.

The second clip teases a new recruit to the Avengers team, at least those that side with Captain America. It's none other than a sleepy Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, who has a serious fanboy moment with Steve. His recruitment, though, means that he's working outside of the law with Team Cap.

In "The Right to Choose" clip, Steve and the other Avengers discuss, or rather, argue, over the very thing that will cause the Civil War between them: Captain America doesn't want to sign a document penned by the United Nations that gives the U.N. complete control over its team.

Marvel also released some behind-the-scenes clips from shooting Captain America: Civil War showing off how they filmed some of the action scenes. The first shows Captain America sneaking into a building, as well as the fight scenes that happen inside. Meanwhile, Scarlet Witch also gets to take down some villains. The clip also shows the filming of some stunts.

The final clip released by Marvel is another behind-the-scenes video with more stunts and some major action scenes. Also, don't miss a really good first look at Black Panther in full costume and in action.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6.

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