The HTC 10 just arrived, but we're already hearing bad news about it.

According to the latest information, HTC's flagship device will only be available in a 32 GB option for the U.S. customers. Those who are eyeing the 64 GB storage configuration of HTC's latest will have to look elsewhere.

Over Twitter, HTC's Senior Global Online Communications Manager, Jeff Gordon, replied to a follower inquiring about the 64 GB variant of the HTC 10.

Though Gordon did not say that the 64 GB would not be available, he curiously did leave that important detail out of his message. Besides not mentioning the version of HTC that has a bigger storage, Gordon seemingly also left out mentions of the gold variant of the device.

Digging deeper into the conversation that has formed around Gordon's tweet, one Twitter user confirms that T-Mobile is able to offer the 32 GB version, only. Asked what's wrong with a 32 GB version, another user replies:

Flex Storage, also known as adoptable storage, is one of the lesser known features included in Android 6.0. Basically, it allows external storage options such as microSD cards to be read as internal storage. Before Android 6.0, internal and expandable storage were two separate entities. With Flex, Android treats them as one and the same.

On HTC's 10, Flex Storage does indeed allow the unit's storage capacity to increase up to an additional 2 TB. That is, of course, provided one has the extra money to shell out for more storage. Regardless, at least for the time being, U.S. customers are stuck with the 32 GB option.

One more thing is also worth mentioning: there's actually less than 32 GB of storage available on the HTC 10. Since the operating system will certainly take up some space, there is only really 23 GB of storage left for users. HTC itself confirms this in the fine print at the bottom of the HTC 10 product page.

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