If you have trouble concentrating during the workday, you're not alone.

With the abundance of technology at our fingertips (and the Internet), it's easy to stray.

However, developers have been working hard to give Chrome users tools to combat their procrastination tendencies and generally increase workday productivity.

Here are some of the best Chrome extensions you can download to get back on track.

Simple Blocker

It's as simple as it sounds - it blocks websites that you specify as distracting, and it can be turned on or off with a little virtual switch. Say goodbye to all of your favorite websites (temporarily, of course).

The Great Suspender

Perhaps you're too good at multitasking and you like to have multiple browser tabs open at once. Instead of letting this habit slow down Chrome, try The Great Suspender. This extension reduces Chrome's memory footprint to ensure that you don't have too many interactive features running at once.


Its explanation may be all in the name. This Google extension is designed to motivate you to make every workday as productive as possible. Momentum allows you to set a daily goal and create a to-do list, all while fueling you with inspiring quotes and photos.


If much of your day consists of writing and you're too distracted by the features available to you, consider Writer. This no-fuss extension is designed to give you a place to write where you won't be distracted by fonts, italics or bolds. It also saves your work automatically and functions offline.


If you're a note or list type of person, listen up. WorkFlowy allows you to create beautifully simple lists and notes as you work. Think of it as a digital notebook with a wide variety of features, including tagging and filtering.


Interested in where all of the time in your workday goes? Limitless might be the extension for you. This Chrome extension is marketed as a productivity companion that tracks where you spend your time on the Web. You can also create productivity goals and receive bouts of inspiration from images and quotes.

Save to Google Drive

Google knows a lot of people use Drive, so it's created this extension to make it a bit easier to utilize each day. Save to Google Drive lets you save Web content or browser screenshots right in Google Drive without having to visit the platform.

Strict Workflow

Simple yet effective, Strict Workflow consists of a 25-minute and 5-minute timer for users to work without distraction. The 5-minute timer is used to give you a break after you work hard for nearly a half hour straight.


If your job requires you to log into dozens of different accounts each day, it can be frustrating to hunt down passwords for each one. The LastPass Chrome extension seeks to remedy this problem by providing one master password for multiple accounts. Individuals can store logins, credit card information and shopping profiles through LastPass.

Checker Plus for Google Calendar

If you heavily rely on Google Calendar but you're tired of having to visit the page multiple times per day, this extension is for you. You can easily see your next events, receive meeting desktop notifications, and add or snooze events without having to load your entire Google Calendar.

Super Simple Tasks

Super Simple Tasks is exactly what it sounds like - an extension that allows you to create task lists and check off your completed items in a simply designed layout. You can also share your lists with colleagues or sync them to your phone.

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