The Angel of Death has landed in Gotham, meaning that things are about to get even more complicated for Jim Gordon and pals.

Although Fox promised last year that Azrael would show up sometime this season on the series, a preview for next week's episode finally brings the character to Gotham City.

Please note that the following contains spoilers for Monday night's episode of Gotham.

On last night's episode of Gotham, Dr. Hugo Strange brought the villainous Theo Galavan back to life as Azrael. Next week, Dr. Strange will send Azrael - and his sharp sword - to Gotham City to confront Jim Gordon and friends.

"I have come to kill you," says Azrael to Bruce Wayne in a preview of that episode.

In earlier episodes this season, viewers learned that Theo is actually part of the Dumas family, who have an old vendetta against the Waynes. In DC Comics, the Order of St. Dumas is a splinter group of the Knights Templar that are important to Gotham City's history. In the comic books, Azrael is one of the assassins that works for the Order of St. Dumas, although it looks like on Gotham, the TV show, Azrael, instead, works for Dr. Strange.

Here's the official synopsis for next week's episode, appropriately and simply titled "Azrael":

"Gordon and Bruce question Professor Strange about Project Chimera, which leads Strange to send the newly resurrected Galavan to confront Gordon. Meanwhile, Nygma investigates who Professor Strange."

This week's episode of Gotham also brought Barbara Kean back to the world of sanity (or did it?). Although she proved helpful, it's likely that she has a plan to just bide her time, pretending that she's of sound mind, so that she can do something psycho later on. As seen with Penguin, Strange isn't really the best of psychiatrists and it's not like Strange really cares if Barbara goes out and starts killing people again. She's just another experiment, someone he can study out in the wild. Will we learn more about her motivations for being good, though, next week, too?

There's only one way to find out: watch Gotham at 8 p.m. EDT Wednesdays on Fox.

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