The new Apple Watch, unveiled a few days ago, is already drawing critiques from top -end watch makers who aren't showing much love for Apple's first wearable.

The negative feedback may be due to the fact that Apple proclaims to be transforming the watch device category and says its Watch is capable of making people forget about classic watches.

Jean-Claude Biver, head of the LVMH Group, which owns brands such as Hublot and Tag Heuer, isn't so sure about those predictions.

"It looks a little cold, and lacks, for my taste, a bit of personality," said the legendary watchmaking figure. "It looks perfect, but perfection sometimes has a lack of sexiness. This won't create another crisis for the Swiss watch industry."

Swiss watchmakers have had a boom in the past few years, with sales of high-end watches that cost thousands surging. The industry collectively made $23.3 billion in 2013.

Biver believe's the Watch's design will be outdated quickly given that it won't be available to consumers until 2015.

A number of other smart watches are expected to be released in the next year, including a follow-up to Motorola's Moto 360, which is seen by many as the best-looking smart watch on the market.

While Watch may not create an all-out crisis for the Swiss watch industry, it is still expected to sell up to 30 million units in the year after it becomes available to the public so it will clearly have an impact in the wearable devices segment.

A few watch industry players and pundits believe the Watch may fill some specific needs but it won't be what people where out on an important date or event.

"From the design point of view you cannot say it's a watch -- more an iPhone for the wrist," said Alain Spinedi, CEO of Montres Louis Erard SA. "People may travel with it, but it won't replace the watch you wear to a party."

Travelling may be a compelling user scenario given that the device will offer maps and GPS features and third-party developers will create traveling solutions for the device.

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