Go ahead and just admit it — were you one of the many pro-wrestling fans mooching off your friend's or family member's WWE Network account?

Well, tough luck, because World Wrestling Entertainment is cracking down. Perhaps it's time to cough up the $9.99 per month for a WWE Network account of your own.

On Thursday, multiple websites reported that the WWE Network updated its Terms of Service, barring multiple users from sharing one account.

"Although your WWE Network subscription is accessible on a number of devices, your use is limited to one (1) WWE Network stream on one (1) device at any given time," the updated terms read, as spotted by WrestleZone.com. "If you circumvent or attempt to circumvent any of the use restrictions in these terms, your subscription will be subject to immediate termination and you may be subject to legal action. Sharing of login information, including passwords, is strictly forbidden."

The updated terms also caution that if users see an error reading, "stream limit exceeded" or "too many usage attempts," it means that their account is in use on another device — something that the Network is eliminating under its new rules. Such a case will require you to log out of all devices and log back in through one device.

We can't help but wonder if the update to WWE Network's Terms of Service have anything to do with post-analysis and data derived from WrestleMania 32, which was earlier this month on April 3. Obviously, there's a certain level of fervor that accompanies WWE's version of the Super Bowl each year, especially this past installment, which featured a Hell in a Cell match between a returning Shane McMahon and the Undertaker, as well as a cameo by the Rock.

Four days after the annual extravaganza, WWE reported that the "Show of Shows" reached 1.82 million households worldwide on its WWE Network alone. We just wonder if there was excessive abuse of multiple users on one account within reaching that feat. The WWE Network could make that known in the near future by releasing the number of accounts it has terminated over the abuse. Don't let it happen to you!

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