Inventor and YouTube sensation Colin Furze built a working hoverbike and, yes, he succeeded and lived to tell the tale.

Creating a bike that can fly is no easy task and requires a wide engineering knowledge for it to be safe. While he has no engineering qualifications, this didn't stop Furze to produce his most recent project: a real hoverbike.

Through the help of Ford, which supplied some of the components, Furze managed to successfully craft his hoverbike that is brakeless, seatless and powered by two motorized propellers.

"[The project's] been going on over the past three months, but maybe only four to five weeks have been spent on it as I spent a lot of time waiting for parts like the propellers," Furze told Mashable.

The inventor recounted that it took him four sessions before finally getting the hang of flying the hoverbike.

"It's all on getting the engines the same speed and how you position yourself," added Furze.

While the hoverbike does not get too far off the ground, still, Furze managed to show off the world that he crafted a hoverbike that can really hover, even for just a short period of time.

The inventor also posted on YouTube other videos discussing how he managed to assemble it. But of course, don't dare try this one at home, as you may chop those legs off.

Furze is the man who became famous for building strange creations, in the likes of working Wolverine claws, a jet-powered bicycle, shoes used to walk on the ceiling plus wrist-mounted flamethrowers.

Last year, Tech Times reported two of Furze's bizarre works: a working Assassin's Creed hidden blade and grappling hook.

Furze also created a bed that will kick-start your day by catapulting you onto the floor, dubbed the High Voltage Ejector Bed. This bed makes use of a fitted metal framework with a built-in hinge. Mounted underneath the bed is a compressor with attached valves along with pistons used in triggering the catapult launch.

Should you wish to get a glimpse of Furze's hoverbike and the process on how he built one, watch the videos below.

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