For anyone who's curious about the new MIUI 8, Xiaomi has got them covered, as it's releasing a series of videos that showcase the features it'll bring to the table.

So far, there are three clips in tow, and they demonstrate the new Phone and Notes apps and the notification shade.

The Phone App

The change is pretty noticeable right off the bat, as the dialer screen now features a full-screen photo of the caller. Aside from that, there are what seems to be three floating action buttons positioned at the bottom of the screen: one to reject the call, one to answer it and one that presumably will let the user respond to the call with a text message.

As everyone can see, these functions are activated when they're swiped upward. Other apps that got overhauled designs include Calculator, Camera and Notes, but they don't make an appearance in the video. The Notes app does get its own demo, though.

The Notes App

The update for this one brings a lot of convenience for note-taking users, as a swipe downward with one finger will automatically create a new note and a swipe upward with two fingers will delete a note. The animated disintegration square by square is a nice effect to boot.

The Notification Shade

It looks like Xiaomi ditched the Gaussian blur effect in the MIUI 7 and replaced it with a simple white background. Basically, the smartphone maker is opting for a color palette that's easier on the eyes.

"If you checked out the video properly, we've revamped the notification shade. Now the notification shade will offer a much more dynamic experience, with core functions exposed and hidden through delicate scrolling. The first noticeable changes are the immersed status bar and the color tone used are more refreshing," Xiaomi says.

The quick settings menu is now part of the notification shade too, making it easier for users to access the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Torchlight and any other button in it.

It's also worth mentioning that the Mi Max, Mi Band 2 and Mi Bunny are expected to debut at Xiaomi's May 10 event. In other words, this month is starting to look like one heck of a time for the company, with two smartwatches, a new smartphone and improved software headlining the affair.

Do you prefer the MIUI 7 or the upcoming MIUI 8? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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