There have been numerous different Spider-Men (and Spider-Women) over the years from across the many multiverses of Marvel. In fact, they all came together for one massive event called Spider-Verse last year.

There's a futuristic Spider-Man. A very literal Spider-Man. A Spider-Man that pilots a mech. Spider-Gwen. Punk-rock Spider-Man.

You name it, there's a Spider-Man version of it. However, all of those fail in comparison to the sheer coolness of Samurai Spider-Man. The latest figure, as part of Tamashii Nation's Meisho Realization collection, has imagined the beloved web-slinger as being from feudal Japan, and the results are pretty darn cool.

It's undeniably the character fans love, with the red samurai armor sporting a black web pattern commonly seen in Spider-Man's usual skintight costume. It even adds in a splash of blue to the figure's back. The iconic spider emblem can be seen on the figure's chest.

This version of the web-crawler looks to be more fearsome than any Spider-Man before, sporting a katana and chain, with some deadly-looking hooks attached to the end. Being the expert web-slinger he is, we're going to assume this Spidey would be pretty accurate with the ninja-like weapon. The figure comes with 15 points of articulation so you can pose him in nearly any way imaginable.

Preorders for the figure are currently live for $91.99 in U.S. currency. Spider-Man joins the ranks of other iconic characters reimagined as samurai, like Darth Vader, Boba Fett and the Stormtroopers from Star Wars. Here's hoping Marvel looks at this version of Spider-Man and considers giving the character his own comic spin-off. With so many other Spider-men in existence, it only seems fair that Samurai Spider-Man should also get a chance to shine. Plus, the idea of watching a ninja-like Spider-Man battling feudal Japanese versions of iconic Spidey villains simply sounds way too cool of an opportunity to pass up. 

Marvel's posterboy is having a bit of a resurgence thanks to his cinematic universe debut in Captain America: Civil War. You can read more about how the character's most recent movie appearance is also his best here.

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